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Ghost Medical’s Project Postmortem for MedSource Labs: A Journey through Medical Animation

Ghost Medical's project for MedSource Labs exemplifies their dedication to creating medically accurate and visually engaging animations that serve the healthcare industry's needs.

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, effective communication has proven to be essential for medical professionals and companies alike. One company that has taken up the challenge of bridging the gap between complex medical concepts and understanding is Ghost Medical, a medical animation studio, and VR surgery simulation developer. Their commitment to explaining medicine and its benefits to humanity has led to the creation of medically accurate and inspiring medical graphics, animations, and virtual surgery simulations. Ghost Medical’s work serves various purposes, from marketing surgical devices to educating patients and explaining the mechanism of action for pharmaceutical products. With their 3D anatomy and physiology expertise, Ghost Productions stands at the forefront of delivering information more comprehensibly and efficiently than traditional surgical videos.

One of Ghost Medical’s notable clients is MedSource Labs, a best-in-class manufacturer and provider of quality healthcare supplies, including OEM products. MedSource Labs is on a mission to improve patient outcomes by delivering top-quality products at cost-effective prices, and they pride themselves on their ISO-certified Quality Management System.

Ghost Medical’s collaboration with MedSource Labs led to the creation of marketing deliverables and animations for two key products: ClearSafe® and ClearSafe Comfort®. The ClearSafe® Safety IV Catheter was designed to simplify caregivers’ access to safe IV insertion, featuring a triple-facet, back-cut, beveled needle to reduce trauma at the insertion site. It also incorporates an audible click-lock safety mechanism to ensure needlestick safety.

The ClearSafe Comfort®, on the other hand, offers all the features of ClearSafe® but with the added benefit of a catheter made from polyurethane (PUR) material that softens in the body, enhancing patient comfort.

MedSource Labs Project Postmortem

Behind the Scenes: The Creation of Ghost Medical’s Animations

Ghost Medical’s commitment to delivering top-quality medical animations and graphics is truly commendable. In a recent video, the Ghost Medical team takes us behind the scenes to discuss the creative and technical process of creating animations for MedSource Labs. The video covers various stages, from pre-visualization to motion graphics and compositing.


The pre-visualization phase involved exploring different creative directions for the project. The team experimented with dark and light treatments to determine the most effective approach. While dark visuals were initially considered, the team ultimately favored designs that incorporated contrast and brightness to make the content more visually engaging. This decision aligned with the expertise of the lead client-side project manager, who played a pivotal role in guiding the project’s design direction.


The animation phase posed a unique challenge: to depict the needle insertion into a patient’s arm in a novel and compelling way. The goal was to highlight the innovation of MedSource Labs’ product and emphasize the importance of its design. To achieve this, the team leveraged the skills of their Houdini expert, Matt, who specializes in complex dynamics and simulations. The resulting animation provided a captivating view of the needle’s interaction with the patient’s tissues, showcasing the device’s unique attributes.

Look Development

Look development is a critical aspect of creating realistic and visually appealing animations. In the case of MedSource Labs’ project, the team had to tackle the challenge of rendering a complex prism object with glass refraction capabilities. This required careful attention to lighting, shading, and materials to ensure the product’s focus was maintained while adhering to MedSource Labs’ branding.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics play a crucial role in enhancing animations and presentations. Ghost Medical’s team discussed how they incorporated callouts, titles, and other elements during the compositing phase to provide clarity and context within the animations. They also highlighted the advantages of using 3D tracking for these motion graphics, making them adaptable and easy to modify as needed.


Compositing brings all the elements together to create the final animation. The video provided insights into the intricate layers and techniques used to achieve the desired visual effects, such as the hexagon pattern that became part of MedSource Labs’ branding. The collaborative effort between the Ghost Medical team and the client ensured that the animations aligned perfectly with the company’s branding and conveyed the desired message effectively.


In conclusion, Ghost Medical’s project for MedSource Labs exemplifies their dedication to creating medically accurate and visually engaging animations that serve the healthcare industry’s needs. Their ability to translate complex medical concepts into understandable visuals is a testament to their expertise. This collaboration showcases the power of combining creativity and technology to deliver impactful medical animations that educate, inform, and inspire. Ghost Medical and MedSource Labs’ partnership promises a bright future of continued innovation in healthcare communication.

MedSource Labs Project Postmortem Ghost Medical Animation

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