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4WEB Medical’s Innovative Breakthrough at NASS 2023

This interview shed light on 4WEB Medical's groundbreaking technology, which has the potential to significantly improve the outcomes of spine surgery and transform the lives of patients suffering from back pain and related spine disorders.

In the dynamic world of medical technology and innovation, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest developments that can potentially revolutionize healthcare. Recently,, a Med-Tech Innovation Report and journalist company sponsored by Ghost Productions Inc., had the privilege of interviewing Ali Kiapour, a representative from 4WEB Medical, during the North American Spine Society (NASS) conference held in 2023. This interview shed light on 4WEB Medical’s groundbreaking technology, which has the potential to significantly improve the outcomes of spine surgery and transform the lives of patients suffering from back pain and related spine disorders.

The Evolution of 4WEB Medical

Before delving into the interview details, it’s worth noting that 4WEB Medical is not a newcomer to the field of medical innovation. Established over a decade ago, the company has been at the forefront of developing 3D-printed implants for orthopedic applications, particularly in spine surgery. Their journey has been marked by success, extensive clinical data, and the continuous development of innovative products aimed at enhancing patient outcomes.

Antibiotic Fixation Technology

The highlight of the interview was 4WEB Medical’s “antibiotic fixation technology,” a novel approach to spinal implants that can potentially revolutionize the surgical procedures involved in treating back pain and spine-related disorders. This technology involves the creation of a 3D-printed device with a unique surface that plays a crucial role in the fusion process post-surgery.

Enhancing Fusion for Faster Recovery

The fusion process is vital for the success of spine surgery, as it ensures the patient recovers quickly, with the bone growing through the implant and connecting adjacent vertebrae. 4WEB’s 3D-printed surface, a byproduct of the manufacturing process, has been shown through extensive research and collaboration with leading universities to promote faster cell differentiation and improve fusion. This surface helps break down mechanical loads into micro-level strains, accelerating bone cell differentiation and gene release, ultimately leading to faster recovery and improved fusion.

Benefits for Patients and Doctors

The application of 4WEB Medical’s technology offers a myriad of benefits. Patients can expect faster recovery times and improved bone growth when this technology is employed in their surgeries. For doctors, it translates into better surgical outcomes, as the innovative implant design takes anatomical loads and converts them into micro-strains that are critical for bone cell differentiation.

A Legacy of Innovation

The interview also touched upon 4WEB Medical’s rich history of pioneering innovation in the realm of 3D-printed implants. Being one of the first companies to explore this technology for spine applications, they have consistently delivered impressive clinical results and garnered extensive experience over the years.


As medical technology continues to advance, innovations like 4WEB Medical’s antibiotic fixation technology stand out as game-changers in the field of spine surgery. With thousands of successful cases already under their belt, 4WEB Medical’s dedication to improving patient outcomes and advancing the art of spine surgery remains unwavering. Their commitment to research and collaboration with esteemed institutions reaffirms their position as a leader in the field.

The interview at NASS 2023 provided valuable insights into the profound impact that 4WEB Medical’s technology can have on patients’ lives and the healthcare industry as a whole. As we look ahead, it’s clear that this pioneering company will continue to shape the future of spine surgery and bring relief to countless individuals suffering from back pain and spinal disorders.

4WEB at NASS 2023

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