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Ruthless Spine RJB at NASS 2023

The interview with Dr. Shane Pak from Ruthless Spine at NASS 2023 highlighted the immense potential of the RJB system in revolutionizing spine surgery.

In the ever-evolving world of medical technology, innovation is a driving force that propels the healthcare industry forward. At the 2023 North American Spine Society (NASS) conference, one company stood out with its groundbreaking solution for spinal surgeons – Ruthless Spine and their game-changing intraoperative surgical angle measurement tool, the RJB. The interview conducted by with Dr. Shane Pak, the Chairman and Founder of Ruthless Spine, shed light on the remarkable features of the RJB and how it promises to transform the field of spine surgery.

RJB Intraoperative Surgical Angle Measurement Tool

Traditional surgical navigation systems have often demanded significant investments in terms of capital, time, and training. The RJB, however, takes a different approach. Dr. Pak explained that it is a single-use disposable navigation system, a concept that sets it apart from every other system on the market. It consists of an Android tablet and single-use disposable modules that connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. This simplicity enhances the surgical workflow, eliminates the need for complex setups, and saves valuable time in the operating room.

With the RJB, the surgeon can easily visualize the axial and sagittal trajectory of the instrument shaft directly on the tablet screen, simplifying pre-operative orientation.

One of the most remarkable features of the RJB is its registration to gravity. Dr. Pak explained that by placing the patient on the operating table and taking an AP fluoroscopy, the spine becomes registered to gravity. The RJB module, in turn, registers to gravity, creating a seamless connection to the spine. This eliminates the need for additional hardware like iliac bolt clamps or spinous process clamps, streamlining the surgical process.

The RJB system’s workflow is a testament to its efficiency. After orienting the spine to the true AP, the surgeon can quickly adjust the instrument’s angle using the RJB’s pre-templated axial angle. This enables the surgeon to perform both sides of the surgery without switching sides, resulting in a rapid workflow. Dr. Pak shared that he has successfully completed ten screws in just eight minutes using this method, a feat that showcases the system’s speed and precision.

Advantages for Hospitals and Patients

The RJB system offers numerous advantages, not only to surgeons but also to hospitals and patients. Hospitals benefit from a cost-effective solution with zero capital costs, as they only pay for the consumables they use. Additionally, the system’s space-saving design is ideal for small operating rooms. Patients benefit from improved accuracy, as malpositioned screws can lead to complications. With the RJB, the risk of malplacement is significantly reduced, enhancing patient care and outcomes.

FDA Approval and Future Prospects

Ruthless Spine’s RJB is fully FDA approved and poised to make a significant impact in the United States and wherever FDA-approved medical implants are allowed. Dr. Pak’s enthusiasm for the RJB and its potential to revolutionize spine surgery was evident throughout the interview, and it’s clear that this innovative technology has the potential to transform the field.


The interview with Dr. Shane Pak from Ruthless Spine at NASS 2023 highlighted the immense potential of the RJB system in revolutionizing spine surgery. Its simplicity, reliance on proven technology, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make it a promising solution for both surgeons and patients. As Ruthless Spine moves forward with its FDA-approved RJB system, the future of spine surgery appears poised for a remarkable transformation.

Ruthless Spine booth at NASS 2023

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